Top sellers

  • (Summer) Hanging Baskets
    Hanging Baskets (Summer)

    Huge display of colour Slow release feed incorporated to basket (no need...

  • Display Plants

    Zonal Geraniums Choice of 6 colours

  • Pelargonium Zonal

    Vigerous Growth Large Flowers Excelent outdoor performance Attractive...

  • Sunflower

    Mid Height sunflower Multiple heads no pollen so long lasting flower...

  • (Mixed) Basket Plants
    (Mixed) Basket Plants

    Tray of 18 mixed basket plants A selection of popular trailing plants

  • Gazania

    Big Kiss Variety Big flower heads 10cm above foilage Very Appealing...

  • Osteospermum

    4 colours Light Purple, White, deep Purple and cinamon Packed in 1.5...

  • Basket plants Mix

    A tray of 18 mixed basket plants A popular way to get a variety of...





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